Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A literal COPY!

Hi Everyone, today I have not just a case, but a literal copy of a card I saw on the web. I was looking for an idea for a Congratulations card, for my cousin who has been appointed Mayor of a large seaside town. I felt it had to be quite elegant and when I saw THIS CARD felt it was perfect. It was made a few years ago, and I have made the maker aware I am blogging this. I can take an idea and play with it, but this was already perfect for me. Hence the copy. I used Papermania card, and a bow template cut file by Styrock

Thought I would share my garden with you too, I took these this morning.


  1. Oh, you have definitely nailed the 'elegant' part of this one, Faith! I love it. :-D
    Gorgeous photos of your garden in bloom. My yard is ever so much smaller and filled with raised bed vegetables but I'm proud of them. They are producing so well.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Faith. I loved that card and it is perfect for your cousin. Oh and your garden - WOW! As a lapsed gardener (bad back) I know how much time it takes to get a garden to look that perfect :D

  3. Hi Faith what a fab card!!! and such a pretty garden lots of huggles Sue xxx

  4. Your garden looks stunning Faith, so colourful. Great card design too xx.

  5. Faith your garden is absolutely gorgeous. Love all the colour. We have downsized so much and it takes getting used to, after a very large garden. Hugs, Ursula

  6. Faith I am totally casing this one! Smiles..
    I will alter it and link back to this blog post... Grins..

    Love, love love it... and yes it is totally perfect for that kind of card!


  7. What an elegant card Faith, and it's not an EXACT duplicate. I like your font better and I love that your paper has a slight texture to it, so there you go!!! Wonderful garden photos, I'm so jealous of your outside space...I said from up here in my skyrise! hugs :)

  8. This card is so clever! Love the "bow tie". Perfect for your new mayor friend! Your garden pictures are stunning Faith. Looks like you have a bit of a green thumb!

  9. It certainly is a elegant card Faith, perfect for a new Mayor.
    Fabulous photographs of your garden it looks beautiful.

  10. Such an elegant card to say congrats to a gent! And your garden is gorgeous!

  11. That IS a great card idea - I've pinned it to Pinterest for future ref. Love your garden, it all looks so lush and green, beautiful flowers too.

  12. Faith, your garden is lovely!
    Enjoying your blog for the first time - good to see you on Skype!

    Hugs - Martha


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