Saturday, 25 April 2015


Just a quick post to show you a, Mummy Duck and her baby, we saw the other day, at least I think the black one is a duck! LOL I Googled the bird and it seems it's the Jamaican Coot or is known in the UK as a Common Waterhen. I've never seen one before and thought it very unusual. Someone will most likely correct me if I'm wrong (pleeeze)

Also our garden this week (including the washing line) which, with the warm Spring sunshine has burst into life. Although we are expecting temperatures to plunge this weekend to 12C or lower from the 21C we have been having this last week and a bit.


  1. I love this time of the year when everything wakes up.
    Lynne xxx

  2. Oh my gosh, this post really brightened up my day Faith!! Thanks for the dose of happy happy spring! big hugs :)

  3. Coots are definitely water birds, even if they aren't really ducks. Love your garden in bloom and so glad you've had good spring weather for a week even if it does get cold again this weekend. Out here in California, we've been having a horrendous drought going on 4 years now but this morning we managed to have 1/2 an hour of spitting rain; no downpour but enough to wet the ground. We're grateful for whatever the skies might provide. :-D

  4. Lovely photos Faith, your garden looks beautiful.

  5. Beautiful pictures have such a lovely garden. TFS. Pat K x


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