08 April 2015

A day out piccies

Hi Everyone, sorry no card or boxes or anything made today, we went out! - It was my Brother-in-law's birthday, (card HERE I'm glad to say he had a real chuckle at it.)

We decided to take them out and had a "Afternoon Tea" which consisted of cheese, smoked salmon and ham sandwiches and a 3 tier cake stand with assorted cakes and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, this was for 2 people BIL and SIL had exactly the same.

After gorging ourselves with plenty of calories we drove through the Brecon Beacons and to Brecon town it's self, it was 21C, a beautiful sunny day, so welcome after the miserable winter weather, although not as bad as some of you have had. Spring shows in the photos I think, I hope you enjoy them.

Baby lambs and their Mummy's

This group were jumping for joy in each others company.

A barge boat in the Brecon Canal Basin.

Close up of the bridge and the daffodils

These houses are around the canal basin.

" A host of golden daffodils" 

The other side of the bridge.

A happy duck washing himself in the warm weather.

A view on our way home of the Brecon countryside.


Pamellia said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day out. It's very scenic where you live. I'm in the middle of the city, don't have the lovely views that you do! big hugs :)

Linby said...

Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing. Someone I worked with was driving through Wales and his little girl said from the back seat "Why is it called Wales Daddy? It should be called sheep - there are loads of sheep and no Whales!"
Linby x

Christine said...

Glad you had a good out.
Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed the views.

Pat K said...

Fabulous spring pictures Faith. It really looked like a lovely day with the bright blue sky, green hills, gorgeous daffodils and spring lamb...wow! Lunch sounded wonderful too..my mouth is watering. Thank you so much for sharing. hugs, Pat K x

Bonnie said...

Beautiful! I enjoyed the visit!

Shirley Young said...

Lovely photos Faith, I think the nice weather raises everyone's spirits. I love watching little lambs. Your afternoon tea sounds scrumptious. xx

Shona Erlenborn said...

Thanks for the touch of home photos. I wish my daffodils would hurry up - I do finally have some crocuses. The lambs are precious! Miss seeing them in the fileds.