17 October 2014

DSC # 110 Your Hero

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Your Hero

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My Hero, of course it is my Mum, a stylish, elegant, lovely lady who worked hard throughout her life, she was still working in her early 70's.  A fit, beautiful woman, who lived through hardship and still maintained her lovely smile.  

Due to what I call negligence, after a knee replacement, she had to have an amputation above the knee when she was 83.  The hours after the operation, one of my brother's and I entered her room imagining she would be very ill, in fact we didn't think she would survive the operation, but, we should have known better, with the temerity of this remarkable woman, she asked us "What have I missed today?".

Within 24 hours she was travelling around the ward in a wheelchair and never looked back.  She didn't take to a prosthetic limb so lived the next 8 years doing everything in her "little flat" (as she called it) in her wheelchair, on her own. She had carers come in, but they only went there for a chat as she had already done what they were supposed to do.  I was working full time and did what I could but, she insisted that I had enough to do than look after her!  She loved going out in the car each Sunday when she would tell hubby - "follow your nose" when asked where she would like to go. It didn't matter where, she just loved the countryside and the sea.

There is one story I have to recount, which I think shows how she loved to be centre of attention too.

 When she was 89, she told everyone she was 90 - just in case she didn't reach 90!  as she wanted to have a celebration, she certainly did, with at least a hundred cards, she was thrilled and couldn't stop smiling. One of her friends said to me "she doesn't look 90 does she?" I had to agree, what else could I do?  I didn't lie though, as she certainly didn't look 90! We, the family, had to laugh though.  

When her real 90th birthday came around, my youngest brother planned her 90th birthday celebration, which took place at the Celtic Manor Hotel in Newport, (NATO have been there recently) he arranged surprises all night, with over 100 family and friends invited from all over the UK and family from the USA, a Welsh Male Voice Choir from her home village singing for her, amongst other things, and fireworks  to finish the most memorable evening.  The evening is still talked about within the extended and close family.

She saw her 90th birthday and her 91st.  The Minister at her funeral also regaled the story of her twice over 90th birthday, which had people nodding and smiling in recognition, this was my MUM.

After sending the layout to the family, one of her granddaughters sent this reply which I thought I had to add.
"I miss her so desperately, and as I get older I miss her even more !  She was such a "Force" in my life, and maybe, some of her style did rub off on me ! haha
One thing Nana did,  which we all took for granted, was that she loved her children and family so much, it was at an exclusion of everybody else, we WERE HER LIFE !  A very selfless act, that we all took for granted, as she was always there for us, and especially for me!"


Viv said...

Oh Faith what a gorgeous page and what a beautiful photo of your mum too.No wonder she was your hero, what a remarkable lady she was. I feel I know her a little now too, I bet she adored that 90th birthday celebration too....wow! Thank you for sharing, I can understand how much you must miss her now too ..........hugs Viv xx

Sarn said...

No wonder she is your Hero Faith . . . she sounds AMAZING.

Fantastic layout by the way. Gorgeous colour and I love the sprinkles all around the collagey photo. Brilliant.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Anonymous said...

Magnificent. I think your mum would be more than a little proud of your tribute to her. lol x

Anonymous said...

Faith such a beautiful and touching story, your mum sounds like a fantastic lady but she also reminds me of you. Thank you so much for sharing her story with us . Your layout is amazing I love the cluster of flowers around her photo ( what a lovely smile ).


Anonymous said...

Magnificent. I think your mum would have been mum proud of you. lol x

Shirley Young said...

Your mum sounds like she was a truly remarkable and loving person Faith with a great sense of humour. The birthday story is wonderful. I think you have done her justice with this lovely layout.

Brian said...

I love your page, Faith, I remember the 'Celtic Manor' celebrations so well, prepared by brother Roy.
I remember Mum saying; 'With all these surprises I wont have time to eat this wonderful meal'

Bonnie said...

Oh, Faith, what a wonderful tribute to your mum! She sounds like a remarkable lady that brought sunshine to everyone!

MagsB said...

What a beautiful page! And I loved reading your post about your Mum, what an amazing woman, such an inspiration!

Have a good week!

love Mags B x

MaryH said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post in honor of your very fabulous sounding Mom. The picture shows a lovely & happy looking lady, whose picture fit your story very well. It's wonderful that you have these magnificent memories of a feisty lady who obviously lived her life to the fullest. You have a lot to live up to. The card is a marvelous tribute to a fantastic lady, and I can see why her family was so very proud of her. Thanks for sharing her with the rest of us. We should all be so ready to embrace life, not cry about the hand we might get dealt. Happy Sunday & Big hugs.

Linby said...

What a fab homage to your Mum, love the bugaboo image you used too.

Karen Wilson said...

A beautiful tribute to your mom - she sounds like a remarkable woman and very inspiring! I loved reading your recounts here and the little addition from her granddaughter. Your page is stunning, as always, but my favourite is just reading about an amazing woman!! Thank you for sharing with us!