Sunday, 12 January 2014

Photoshopped photo

Hi Just thought I would add this to today's post, a little experiment of mine to one of the photo's I blogged on the 9th Jan.  Hope you find it interesting.  I think I could have done more to the moon, but for my first try I am quite pleased.

Did you notice on the left, the face in both, that I didn't notice until I had finished recolouring it.



  1. Wonderful, Faith! you did brilliantly with photoshop! Wouldn't know where to start! You achieved a very natural looking scene

  2. Very cool! I think you did a great job for your first try!

  3. its gorgeous Faith you are such a talent ! What face !!!!!!


    1. I understand why you can't see it, as my SIL thought I was a little "muddled" when I told her about it LOL. The face is on the left, the 2 left small open arches are split with the pillar of the viaduct arch making a nose! OK I'm a bit mad! LOL.


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