Thursday, 31 October 2013

Craft fair make and to make

Hi Everyone, just thought I'd come and show you what a hive of activity (mess) I have in my spare bedroom craft room, there are things made and to be made, as for the wine glasses, no they are not for a party, but to sell with shades I am making.  When I have made a few I'll show you, but at the moment, I have to get on!

Have a happy Halloween :)


  1. Looks like you are really busy Faith but all for a good cause.

  2. You don't need a tutorial for my shadow box Faith you could do it with your eyes closed !!! Love your crafty wares can't way to see all of the goodies. Cant wait to see what you do with the glasses !


  3. Wel SIL what can i say - you is the biz" x

  4. Hola friend i think you´re a veeeery busy woman, well i don´t know how you can make work, house, craft...your´re my heroine :D!!!!! i´m crazy in this moment and i don´t have time and the christmas are getting closer and i don´t know how to make all i have in my mind....
    I´m wating for your creations.
    A warm hug from Palma and take care

  5. 'Spare bedroom' is not a phrase that belongs in a crafter's vocabulary Faith! It all looks very intriguing and I can't wait to see the results! Vicky x


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