14 April 2011

You wait for one and 3 turn up together! lol

Well here I am for the LIM 10.  This has been, by far, the most difficult week of them all for me, I have tried quite a few ways of doing the sentiment, different words different pictures, but always came back to this, however the font has driven me crazy, I must have tried nearly every one of the fonts I have (a lot!!).  In the end, as I have quite a few orders to fulfill and Saturday is looming fast, I decided to go with this.

 It's an image I have from goodness knows where and the font I finally chose is McBoohmk.  The card I am afraid has no embellishments, it has been done just for me to say, I haven't failed to enter a card each week.  

The people who have entered more than one are to be congratulated on a wonderful achievement.  GO GIRLS!!     I'm sorry I haven't commented on so many this week, I'll try and make up for it next week.

I am in such a rush to enter this card, I didn't even take a decent picture, looks like this is not my week, never mind it's in the challenge and I have learnt a lot just looking at the brilliant cards entered, so many clever Gals out there.


Chrissie said...

Well I love it!
What a terrific sentiment... I agree with it wholeheartedly and what a superb image too!
What an achievement to have made a submission to every one of our challenges to date... Quelle LIMette extraordinaire!
This card is brilliant Faith!
"Less is More"

massofhair said...

Faith, you should read your sentiment as i think it's for you this week lol. You sound so stressed out but i hope you have had fun along the way.

Loving your card and the colours you have chosen and it doesn't need any embellishments added, perfect in every way:-)

Pauline said...

Fab sentiment, and great colours too.

Mandi said...

Oh Faith io love it!
Its super in every way
specially the sentiment..how true!
love to see you
Less is More

Shirley said...

Really great card, just love that sentiment x

Rachelxx said...

It really doesn't need any embellishments - it's great just as it is!

Kathyk said...

What a smashing card


Lynn said...

A lovely card - have you read the sentiment?! (lol). Congratulations on managing to enter a card each week - I have been a scardey-cat and missed a few of them. Well done. Lynn x

Anonymous said...

Faith, this is brilliant and definitely one of my favourites this week! I absolutely love it; fab image and sentiment! xxx