13 March 2011

I want a shower!!!!!!!!

We have been without a flushing toilet, a sink and bath since Friday, because, I changed my mind on the toilet and sink, they won't be delivered 'til Tuesday, the walls are half tiled, the other half had to be cemented in parts due to, when the tiles were taken off, taking the wall with them, so this is delayed as well.  We are managing in the kitchen sink!!!!! and with a bucket of water for the toilet.  We only have one toilet in the bungalow so when the work men were here, my dear SIL had a loan of a porta loo for us, which we used in the garage!!!  Oh! how I am looking forward to having a shower again, I haven't used the kitchen sink to wash in since a baby.  AND then it it has to be cleaned out properly to wash the dishes,!!!!
Then I have to think of those poor people in Japan who have NOTHING let alone a toilet and sink, I must be grateful for small mercies.

I have been on Less is More to comment on all the cards so far, the gals there are sooooooooo clever and I am in awe at their creations, now it means I have to look harder to try and create something that will do!


Linda said...

Oh dear Faith I do hope you get everything sorted out soon. Thanks for popping by my blog Your comments are appreciated so much Ta!! xxxx

Sarn said...

Awww . . . here's hoping everything gets better soon and you can have a wonderful shower!
I would also like to thank you for your lovely comments.
Hugs, Sandra

massofhair said...

Thanks for popping over to my Blog and leaving a comment, much appreciated considering your predicament!
Hope things get better soon for you and look forward to that shower:-)