Sunday, 27 February 2011

Love is in the air!!

I have been finishing off the insides of the cards I've made and visiting all the Less is More 3 square challenge cards, I can't believe so many have been made already, I haven't even thought of mine.

However I did take this lovely photo of some pigeons in a lovely cuddle, my son tells me I need a doctor!!!


Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Awww bless... how sweet. :D)
Caroline xxx

Kellylouj said...

aw thats lovely, i have noticed we have a pair of doves that come every day at the same time and nestle on our lamppost so cute I will try and get a shot x

massofhair said...

Hi Faitha, please pop over to my blog where there is something waiting for you. Enjoy your weekend:-) xxx

Shirley-anne said...