Saturday, 19 February 2011

An Award!!!

Wow! an Award from Suze at  it is so kind of you Suze.

The conditions of this award are:

Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award!
Step 2 - Share 7 random things about yourself
Step 3 – Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award
Now 7 random things about me, mmmmmmm -
1. At the moment I am coping with severe concussion and whiplash from a fall on the ice in December. - Duh!
2. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 very interesting years with my husband and son.  - Seems light years away
3. I Lurve chocolate and sweets (candy). - What would life be like without them?
4. I LOVE  every one of my big wonderful family.
5. I would go loopy without my Photoshop and want to learn so much more about it. - I have gone loopy when puter crashed!!
6. I have a wonderful husband who has retired and thinks it his job to do all the housework, cooking, washing & ironing and all his usual jobs as well, all because I still work full time. - I do try to do it, but he won't let me!!!!!!
7. I once stopped people eating in a restaurant after being asked to sing Ave Maria, not because I was good, but because I was so loud!!!!!

I've told you 7 random things about me so have awarded 7 great blogs, I have to stop somewhere and think this will have to be it.

Keep on enjoying you crafting and thank you for teaching me lots of new things on your blogs.


Emma said...


Awh thank you so much for thinking of me when handing out your awards - very thoughtful :D

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Hi Faith
Thank you so much for the Award. Very kind of you.