Monday, 21 February 2011

2 posts in one day whoa!

This is my entry to the Spring Challenge on Less is More, I'm not happy with it, it's not quite right for some reason that I'm not sure of.
It's a free digi stamp I have on file which is one of many I saved before identifying the artist, I'm sorry.  I coloured it in Photoshop added some Photoshop grass brushes embossed 2 lines and cut a slot for the ribbon.  This was NOT a quick card, I timed when I started it and it took me more than 3 hours, with all the trials of placing, deleting, undoing, colouring and shading etc. The font is BethsCuteHmkBold


Chrissie said...

Well let's take a look at this and see if we can see why you're not happy!
If we look at your card as a whole we can see that the image has bisected your card. As you have added interest to the top corner of your card that leaves the bottom half a little in limbo.
I think that the rule of thirds would work well with this card. If you want to keep this shape, the image probably would have fared better two thirds of the way down the card, so occupying more of the lower segment.
(These are purely my personal thoughts on the matter and I am by no means expert, it's just what I think I would do.)
No-one with any great experience would say that Clean and Simple is an easy genre. With less on the card it makes for a greater percentage of things which could potentially go wrong!
Having said all this, you have produced a cute card, which you may or may not decide to modify in future incarnations!
We are so glad that you are part of our "Less is More" community and will continue to submit your lovely cards for us all to enjoy!
"Less is More"

Gina said...

This is a very sweet little image and makes for a lovely card. I agree with what Chrissie has said about the proportions and think that it would have looked a lot more balanced with the image and ribbon positioned lower down on the card. It might look better as a square card. It looks like its A5, so measure the width - its probably 14.8cm - then measure down that far and place some neutral card over the bottom section and have a good look at it now you've changed the proportions. Let me know what you think,
Gina x

Larissa said...

I agree with Chrissie. I would have loved it better if the image was placed a little bit lower on your card. I love what you did with the sentiment and the ribbon. So cute!


Mandi said...

Hi FAith [sorry I misunderstood I thought your name was Faitha!]
I think your card is great
Had the design been closer to the bottom as Chrisie says it would have worked slightly better I think, however its FAB

CAS is so not QUICK!
Well done again FAith
"Less is More"

Viv's Visuals said...

Chrissie was spot on with her comments. I spend ages thinking about placing on CAS cards where on 'fussy and frilly' ones you can throw stuff on anywhere!
I also find square cards much easier to work with - even though you've still gots lots of white space on a square card somehow they're not as unforgivinbg if you get the placement wrong!!
I like the image you've used and along with everyone else think maybe if the image had been placed two thirds of the way down (or two thirds of the way up!) and the sentiment placed opposite, either at the bottom or the top - your balance would have been achieved so that you were happy with your project!
CAS is not easy - despite Chrisse and Mandi doing it with such consumate ease!

Suze Bain said...

I know exactly how you feel, I've lost sleep and turned grey(er) this week, Lol! The image and sentiment are really nice. (you could always trim the bottom off if you're really not happy with the placement!)

Debgem said...

The image is very cute!!

I find that positioning is the key with CAS - and it's not easy, or quick! Chrissie and Gina have given you lots of info on this. If I'm putting an image centrally on the card, I tend to go for a square card. For this one, I'd probably have positioned the image further down the card. Hope this helps :)

Kellylouj said...

Lovely image x

Jo said...

This is a really sweet image, and I love how you have used your ribbon.

Susan said...

The image is so sweet and so perfect for a new addition to the family. The way you've accented the one corner is a nice touch too. However, I do agree with everyone about the placement. Sometimes, when I'm have trouble deciding where to put an image, I stamp (or print) it out then trim loosely around the image and move it around on my card until I find the sweet spot. That way I don't waste nearly as much paper/card stock! LOL!

There's usually a way to fix most of my mistakes...what I would do with this card is just trim off the bottom portion of the card to where the image would then look appropriately placed and use it as a gift card.


ding said...

Cute card! Like you I knew my card wasn't quite as it should be, it's nice to get some advice but I love your idea of that sentiment with the chick, that's a great idea.
Diane x

Caroline Hallett said...

chop the bottom off as everyone has suggested and I bet you will love it more - as its a cute image and the ribbon is lovely

Aileen said...

Your card is really sweet and I love how you did your ribbon. Like you I've looked at my second card and still think there is something slightly out of balance at the bottom corner but I suppose this is how we learn! x

Pauline said...

Such a sweet image, and a lovely spring card. I am new to CAS style, and I'm never too sure myself where to place things or why I'm not terribly happy about a finished card. But this is how we learn! I agree with the other ladies about positioning lower down, but I probably would have either not edged the top left corner or left off the ribbon, but this is personal choice only! The image really is lovely. xx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Such an adorable image and your card is so pretty.
3 hours is great - it takes me about 3 days! These challenges are all about trial and error for me*
Caroline xxx

Beryl said...

Hi Faith - I'm totally in awe of someone who can work with Photoshop - it's way beyond me - and I love my pc and everything about. I do get on with MSC and Craft Artist though and spend hours putting stuff together - but I still love my ink and rubber. I think your cards are brill - your designs are great and that's what counts - however they get onto the card.
Beryl xx

Kathleen said...

Thank you for your comments on my entry. We all have a lot to learn on this type of card and the techniques to get it right and it is harder than a lot of people may think. Your card is so cute and it looks absolutely fine to me.
I called my blog Plain & Simple because I thought I was compared to a lot of blogs but now with this challenge blog, I really don't know. I am finding it difficult.

Kath x

Sandra said...

Lovely card...such a cute image...and i spend hours on my cards too! CAS cards are harder than people think.

Take care
San x

Shaz said...

Lovely card and the image is just so cute. I agree with Sandra above. CAS cards arn't as easy as they look. xx

Babs said...

Lovely card and the image its so cute,you will beable to use it for your easter cards.
Babs x