Sunday, 20 September 2015

Graduation box

Hi Everyone, My next door neighbour's Grandson, Graduated the second time, from University and she asked if I could make a box for a crochet bear she had done. The colours of the University were grey and red, so this is what I made. The bear of course is made by my neighbour isn't it adorable? He didn't want any fuss made as it was his second time so everything was kept low key for him. However I think this bear is going to be a treasured bear.

Neighbours Bear

Bear and box with tag.

Box with tissue lining

Close up of cap with card tassle


  1. Your box is fabulous Faith, perfect for that adorable bear.

  2. Love love love your bear. I've been thinking of picking up the old knitting needles again but to do projects like this rather than jumpers!


  3. Fabulous the cap. hugs, Pat K x


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