Sunday, 24 April 2011

LIM 12 off centre

After missing last weeks challenge by 2 hours!!! I am making sure that I am on time for this one, maybe the sentiment came after I missed it lol.

I had downloaded a vintage set of art after being directed by someones blog, but I forget who and where, it's quite recent so if the person sees this and would let me know where it comes from I would be only to glad to give them credit, there are a lot of images.

The card is also based on a design by Sarita, I loved her card here

I used the art image of flowers and digitally placed a colour oval over the stamp, I used Sarita's idea of the sentiment and then printed out the card, but then made an error on the card size to print and the oval went slightly over the edge, but I like it, I then added velvet black ribbon and printed the sentiment, using 3D foam shapes, I placed the sentiment off the centre of the ribbon to be on the edge of the oval as it is on the edge, if you get my meaning!.

I hope you will forgive my "copy" but will try and enter another to make up for it.


  1. I don't think anyone could mind being copied if they are credited, that's why we blog! your card is lovely

  2. It`s not an exact copy, more of a case. A lovely case all the same.
    Lynne xxx

  3. Faith, a copy of another's card is the sincerest form of flattery...I'm sure she'll be pleased...and it's definitely a beautiful card!

  4. what a lovely card! that image is just beautiful!

  5. Great sympathy card and perfect for this challenge, love the detailed stamp:0)
    As the comments before say you've made it your own and credited the original, I'm sure that's fine. Happy Easter:0) xxx

  6. This is lovely, the soft colouring is perfect

  7. Love the soft and elegant colours you've used on your card and it really is stunning:-)

  8. Very appropriate image for a sympathy card - well done~

  9. I'm so glad you made it in time this week Faith, but I think I did visit your card from last week too!
    I'm sure Sarita will be thrilled that you loved her card enough to 'case' it!
    For me, I would have preferred to see the image centrally in its off centre panel, with the sentiment panel centrally on the ribbon and slightly overlapping the image.
    It's a super sympathy card, they're always so difficult to do!
    Thanks so much.
    Lady LIM

  10. Hi Faith
    you are forgiven for missing last week
    I wonder if the vase should have gone higher, personally Id not have done the oval frame
    Absolutely no offence
    Super job as always Faith

  11. Lovely card with gorgeous image very classy.


  12. A lovely card Faith, such a gorgeous image. x

  13. love the vintage look of the image you have used, very nice card xx

  14. A good idea for a sympathy card, very fitting.

  15. Beautiful card Faith. Well Done. Hugs Rita xxx

  16. A beautiful image Faith and very fitting for the occasion. x

  17. A beautiful card with a gorgeous image, perfect.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.


  18. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I love the image you have used.

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