13 July 2021

Tea Cup card and classes. Help please?

 Hi Everyone, the saga of my makes last and this week continue.  I have been persuaded to help out in a new craft club for mentally challenged people, with a view to opening to others. I had shown them one card which was well received.

 The trouble is I have never taught crafting and don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to teach it, however, I felt better when I showed them a punch from the stash that had been donated and they didn't know what it was or how it worked and were astonished, yep! that's the correct word, to see how it worked. 

Anyhow, I decided although we haven't got 10 people yet, I looked for an easy card, but different and yes! I went into the Silhouette again. I'm getting boring aren't I? but this file was so simple and looked quite difficult that I went for it, but after nearly 2 days of cutting (not continuous), I began to think I had chosen the wrong card! So many pieces!

Here it is, all 10 copies were done, bagged and even with ribbon that I measured so all were the same. I believe this is the way classes are prepared, OK! maybe not this way, but I thought I would try it. I've only been to one Zoom class where pieces were prepared for us, so got the idea from that. Otherwise I am winging it!

Both cards
card design - SVG Cuts Tea Cup Box Card
floral paper - Craft Sensations
ribbon stash
sentiment and back cup piece was printed and cut
tag was stamped with a magazine freebie

These are the pieces for one card.

This is the card I made as an example for them to see what they could achieve.
I promise you, it really is VERY easy.

cup and envelope, 
sorry it's blurred, but I wanted to show the envelope pattern in the stripes.

a better photo of cup and envelope

this is the sentiment, it's written with a pen in the Silhouette program, 
not printed as above, in the pieces photo.

this is the tea cup card flat for postage, just fold and into the envelope.

EDIT - When I went to the class only 3 people were there and I didn't think, maybe selfish of me, that after all the work I put it in, it was worth doing it for 3 people, so I showed them something else and will wait for the class to grow, the organiser tells me she is going to start doing word of mouth to different classes and clubs who use the hall. So maybe it's won't be too long before these are used after all.

Now all I have to do is plan what to do each week, I need to teach them different things, but have to sort through all the donation stuff first, I have to design at home until then. Help and ideas would be appreciated from you clever ladies, even best size of classes maybe?


cotnob said...

Having tried to teach a group of elderly care home residents to make cards I think your design might have rather a lot of pieces, it really depends how challenged they are and how much help you will have. My elderly ladies found it very difficult to follow along and they all worked at very different speeds so it was almost impossible to keep an eye on where they all were with the design.
Having said that, they all enjoyed the process even if they did end up with very different results.
Sorry if I sound a bit negative but I don't want you to be disappointed.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Squirrel x said...

Wow Faith, what a wonderful thing to be doing, although a little daunting perhaps. Your teacup card is superb but, even from my perspective, maybe a tad complicated ..... depending on the abilities of your class, maybe something simpler that they can engage with better.
You are clever, and I admire you giving your time to teach others, I don't think I would have the patience to do it.
Glad you are well and keeping busy, and a huge thank you, as always, for your visits to my humble corner of blogland. Much love and many hugs, Squirrel xx

Mac Mable said...

What a lot of work you put in faith and I am amazed it folds flat to post. It is so pretty and creative x. I haven't ever taught anyone so cannot offer any help but I read through Cotnob's comment and it sounds really helpful x. Good luck for next week x.

Beebeebabs said...

Wow wow beautiful work!!!

wannabcre8tive said...

That is so sweet of you to teach the class. They will love their card regardless of the results they achieve. Great cards. I love the black and white card. It is gorgeous.

R's Rue said...

Praying that this new endeavor is successful.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Faith, your cards are lovely, but perhaps a bit busy for your crafters.
I worked in mental health for many years and ran a craft class, and sometimes only one person turned up. That didn't matter, I still went ahead, just meant that the person got more of my attention. I used to buy those sheets of toppers, I supplied the card, and would make up a card as an example, pretty much as you've done. I also had classes in colouring in, that always went down a treat. I would take a selection of stamps and they could choose what they wanted to colour, I would also take all sorts of embellishments for them too.
I worked in a drop in center, and could take some money from Petty Cash, but I supplied most things.
Everyone enjoyed the class, and I was always tickled pink by what was created, sometimes when using the same bag of stash, the amount of creativity was amazing.
It is a lot of work for you, but the effort is so worth it to see how chuffed folk are when they have made something, hope this helps, Kate x

Carol L said...

Your heart is in the right place in wanting to teach these classes. Regardless of who does or doesn't show up, those who are there will have a wonderful time and it's so commendable of you to even attempt teaching them! The teacup with flowers is absolutely stunning and I would be thrilled to be able to create something so beautiful! Take a bow my friend, you are the best!

Monica C. said...

Faith, your teacup is lovely, but I do agree with others that it may be complicated for your audience. I have worked in long term care during my nursing days.
You may consider more simple cards, maybe with some coloring. Or something made with that punch that fascinated them so.
Hugs Monica

Sue said...

I applaud you for this Faith I used to help out at a crafting class for the elderly many years ago and they all worked at different speeds and levels..I agree with the others that your card might be a bit complicated but I'm sure you will be great at it!!! I can't even work the machine you use LOL lots of hugs Sue x

Vicky Hayes said...

I sometimes think that crafters don't realise how complicated the things they make are sometimes for a non-crafter! What a stunning project this would be for an experienced group Faith but probably not for total beginners. When I was doing SU classes and parties, I realised quickly that a very simple design was the best thing so that we could go through the basics like how to cut and fold a card base! designs with patterned paper and punches and banner-style sentiments were popular. Simple designs gave people the opportunity to chat while they were creating too and experienced crafters seemed as happy as the beginners with the results! I agree with the others that you will be brilliant at classes. Vicky x

Liz said...

Your card is beautiful, but I agree with what has already been said that it may be a bit complicated for people with little or no experience. I've run cardmaking workshops in the past for up to six friends and kept the designs really simple. Some still found it really challenging, even panicking if they had to cut something following a straight line. Here's a link to some of the cards I planned for a small workshop with friends. They especially loved embossing card. https://crafty-lizc.blogspot.com/2018/09/cardmaking-workshop.html

Christine said...

I second what Vicky says. I also taught with non crafters and found that giving them a bag of stash and a made example left them plenty of choice. Patterned paper shapes, and embellishments seemed to be the best way to go.

Shirley Young said...

Well done for taking this on Faith, you have my admiration as I wouldn’t have a clue how to teach them. The project looks lovely too xx

NanaConnie said...

What a fun card and great new project, Faith! As you get into this, you'll love the teaching aspect when you find out how much fun it is to share the creative process with 'newbies.'

Sarn said...

Hi Faith . . . can't really add much to what has already been said - and with which I agree.

Keep it simple is the best advice.

I used to teach classes of 6 people - all crafters - and found that number to be big enough to devote time to all. Time just flew by!

The hardest part is coming up with something new for each class. The best bit is all the fun had AT the class and the reward is all the smiles and happiness your class will bring.


Hugs, Sarn xxx

crafty-stamper said...

Well done for taking on the classes.I love the teacup card design and great that it folds flat -not done any classes but must agree with the others looking at all those pieces -it may be easy to you-maybe start with a simple easel or gatefold card for them to decorate until you find out what they can really achieve.
Carol x

Linby said...

It's a wonderful design. I do think that if you have a large group and they all need help you will meet yourself coming back! It's happened to me with children as they don't know the next step to take. If you go through it with them that could help although some faster ones may get bored. I think it would work with a small group.

Brenda said...

I always love seeing what you create with your die cutting machine, so it isn't boring to me! I also love that you are doing these crafting classes! The card you made is beautiful, but a lot of piece for beginners. I bagged up my pieces too for cards when I taught my gals how to make cards. So you are point on for that. A bag of supplies for each person, each card. Just keep it very basic and very simple. You will get the feel of your "clients" as you work with them. It's ok to only have a few people too, it gives you a change to get to know their abilities and be able to give them more of a one on one attention if that makes sense. YOU GOT THIS FAITH!!!! Hugs, Brenda

Maria said...

Such a lovely project to do for a class! The tea cup filled with flowers is so pretty! I think it's wonderful to share your talent and teach a class! The only class I taught was with my sisters and Mom. But, it was so fun and rewarding!

Aimeslee Winans said...

Faith, first let me complement what you made, it's simply adorable!!!

Now, I do have a bit of advice that is also from experience, not just to flap my jacks. In an "ordinary" craft class, students have usually paid so bagging that much is worth it in that you can assume if they paid for it they will show up. Your situation is different, so may I suggest all very simple bag kits if you must, like the others have suggested. If it were me, it would be like blindf0ld and stick in your hand and grab one, otherwise, the Miss PickyPoo's will examine every kit. I could not agree more with everyone else suggesting to make it simpler. Develop an "add-on" pile for those who feel their card needs something extra once they've finished. Do this at least at first, best thing for YOU. Bravo and kudos for doing this! I taught elementary school, scrapbook classes and also at my dad's assisted living center. If anyone complains why it doesn't look like Hallmark, tell them we are practicing skills first, then we will give Hallmark a run for their money, eh? Big hugs! xoxo

Leslie said...

Absolutely gorgeous cup, Faith! Love it! You sure picked a good one to teach a full class of students, lol, and I don't blame you one bit for holding it back and doing something different with the three. Makes good sense!