Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sea photos

Do you remember me saying we went to the sea on Sunday thinking it was high tide to take some photos and the tide was going out? (and my camera port broke!) Well, we did it again today and I got the time right this time LOL. It was cold though, 7C and a wind chill factor which seemed like zero!

I have managed to buy a card reader to upload my photos, a LOT cheaper than getting the camera repaired.  Here are 2 that I took of Aberavon Beach on Sunday.

 Can't understand why people would fish in awful weather, I suppose they would also call me mad for taking photos in the same weather LOL.

The sand washed and blown up onto the steps in the recent gales

Here a few more photos taken today, hope you enjoy them. I've tried to put them on here, but it seems I have to pay for that, so here's a link.


  1. Wow these pictures are awesome! I see some glue and glitter in your future!

  2. Beautiful Faith! I think you might pass out if I were to show you photos of my surroundings today...nothing but white! have a great day, hugs :)

  3. Very cool photo's! I love the flip book idea too! I've never seen that! And not to worry about ppl thinking you're 'mad' lol when we were in Florida a few yrs ago, hurricane sandy came through and here we were right out in it and taking pics etc! We have some really cool shots!

  4. Can feel the cold from here - lovely photos, Faith. x

  5. Wonderful pics Faith....I get my little fix of Wales. Thank you so much for sharing. Pat K xx

  6. Hola Faith, FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!! Ilove the stormy sea, is wonderfull! in Spain we have a saying" A mar revuelta, ganancia de pescadores" something like " good fishing in troubled waters":D:D:D.
    Fantastic concept for your card, perfect for a teenager ;D.
    Thank you for your comments and your support.
    A warm hug from Palma.

  7. Oooh lovely pics Faith, thanks for sharing. The beach is our favourite place to go too, I love the peace and quiet in Winter, in Summer it's a different story lol ;) Viv xx

  8. Wonderful photographs Faith, it does look rather cold!

  9. The family has a house at Pawley's Island, South Carolina. If you just looked at the ocean, one would think they were at Pawley's and not in England...how awesome. Yup, I've walked the beach in cold weather to get pics too...haha And we also have the crazy fishermen here too. Fish really don't bite in winter, even from the pier. I guess those are die hard fisherman...haha


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