02 February 2014

More Sea photos

Hi Everyone, I put the alarm on this morning as I didn't want to miss the Spring high tide at Porthcawl, the same place as I went last week, about 30 - 40 min from here.  On our journey we passed the River Neath which was in full flood, where I have inserted a circle is the usual river bank, this morning it was up to the main road an impressive sight, just glad we didn't have flooding, (as far as I know.)

When we got to Porthcawl we opened the car doors and were drenched as the sea was right in and sending the water over the car park.  Great I thought for some dramatic pictures.

We went further up the coast than last time and at one spot we were stopped with road closure signs, the sea had come in onto the road and brought with it at least one lorry load of sand and pebbles and flotsam, which was being cleared up by some really happy workmen in bright yellow :)  Anyhow here are a few of what I took.  Hope you like them and not too bored.  Will be back with a card tomorrow, hope your weekend has been good to you.

River Neath in full flood 8am 2nd Feb

As we arrived at the car park near the harbour

A family getting drenched with the wave, which looks like part of the sky

The sun had come out! this is further up the coast

A little further on again

A little further again

On the right you may be able to see the arrow, which was near to the road closed sign

Waited for a wave and nearly got soaked LOL

The sun had come out again and coloured the surf, this is Rest Bay, with the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club in the distance

This is turning to the left from the previous shot

The other side of the road closure, aren't those clouds threatening?

The men had nearly finished clearing up when we got to them.

These were the houses affected in the road closure area

Looking further around with what looks like a weather warning ay?

Last few shovel fulls.


Aileen said...

Wow Faith. What dramatic photos! Hope you haven't had any flooding and didn't get too wet on your photo shoot. x

Linby said...

Wow, great photos. TYFS.
Linby x

Sally H said...

Awesome photos, Faith and some extremely dramatic skies and waves there! Made me shiver just looking at them. Hope tomorrow's storm and tides don't do any more damage. Stay warm and dry my friend x

Anonymous said...

Well, putting the alarm on was well worth it - super photos, well worth getting drenched for. x

Shirley Young said...

Awesome photos Faith - hope you didn't get drenched !!

Bonnie said...

Awesome photography!