Monday, 27 January 2014

Rough Sea

Hi Everyone, sorry been absent for a couple of days, but my sciatica has necessitated a few gaps at my desk.  I was a little better on Sunday and as I hadn't been out in the week, decided, before I went stir crazy, to go and see the high tide in the high winds!  We went to Porthcawl a wonderful place where we did quite a bit of our courting! I know an old fashioned word, but that is what it was LOL.

These are not as dramatic as Aberystwyth was or even other parts of the coast earlier this month, but this isn't Spring tide yet.

Here are a few photos of the sea against the harbour wall, both sides close to the lifeboat's slipway.  I was going to take other places along the coast, but my camera battery ran out drat it, AND I had checked it before going out.

Not long after these were taken we had an enormous storm, luckily we had got back into the car, there were hailstones and raindrops that were at least an inch across on the windscreen of the car and of course the high winds, that nearly swept us off our feet earlier.  ENOUGH lets get onto the photos, I'll try and post a card tomorrow.

This was as we arrived, not quite high tide.
Can you see the lady half face in the water with flowing hair?

Here she is again, but out of the water.

Plenty of amateur or even professional photographers wanting to capture the drama

This is the other side of the harbour wall, just by the lifeboat slipway

Tide is definitely higher, we left before we got soaked LOL

Returned to the other side and got this

As the water flows back into the sea from the wall

This is one photographer who is determined no matter what to get his photos, he was OK when we left!


Sally H said...

Oooh, Faith! Fab photos! I can almost feel the windburn just looking at them though! Glad you didn't get caught in the storm. Stay warm my lovely!

Pat K said...

Wow, these photos are absolutely fabulous Faith. I've looked at them several times and can almost hear the crashing waves. Thank you so much for sharing. Glad you were safe in the storm that followed. Pat K x

Shirley said...

Great photos Faith, you have to admit that the power of the sea is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith, hope you are feeling better and by the time you read this you are back at your desk. what amazing pictures !!!!!!Very dramatic and very powerful, hope you didn't get too wet taking these. BTW I love the word courting brings back my youth ahhhh.


Vicky Hayes said...

Wow - these are amazing photos Faith! That storm must have made its way across the country I think as we had a weird thunderstorm at about 4.30 that day. Thunderstorms in January? Isn't that a bit strange?! Glad you're feeling a bit better. Vicky x

Anonymous said...

Glorious photos - lovely that I know exactly where they were taken - makes it special. x

Bonnie said...

What amazing photos, Faith! I love watching the power of a rough sea as long as I'm safe! Awesome! Sorry your back has been hurting again. Hope it continues to heal!