15 January 2011

Catch up

Well, it's been eventful the last month, I fell on the ice, banged my head and have had concussion, I still don't feel "healed" but you have to carry on with life don't you.

We had a good Christmas and on the 27th December my 4 brothers and my lovely SIL's came to a belated Christmas dinner.  A friend told me she doesn't feel complete until her children are all together, that is something I feel when my brothers and I are together.  We live in different parts of the country and it's not often we get together, but try at least once a year, as my older brothers are in their mid 70's it is becoming more important, luckily we have good genes and all are healthy and very fit..

Now on to the other exciting things, I decided to SPEND, my eldest brother told me we can't take it with us, so it was a what the hell moment, however it was only a few days in between, oh! well!!!!!!  I saw on Create and Craft the Cricut Expression on offer with 4 cartridges and easy pay, well I HAD to have it.  The other was a Canon IX30 on QVC another offer with easy payments, what is a girl to do, of course it had to be, both take a little learning, but I am thriled with the photos so far on the camera, and the Cricut?, well I have had 2 successful cuts so far!!! luckily they were both for cards, maybe I should stop trying and just cut. lol.
Blue background is actually holographic wrapping paper which matches the stones, only part of the card scanned, I will add the photo of the card when I download it from the camera., Sorry Can't show you the whole card as hubby has formatted the camera!!!!!

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